Welcome to Father Frost against Putin III Festival in Helsinki

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Nov 28 2015 19:02
Welcome to Father Frost against Putin III Festival in Helsinki

From 9th to 10th of January 2016 third Father Frost against Putin-festival will be organised in Helsinki. This is the first time when festival will last two whole days.

Purpose of the festival is to create connections between Finnish and Russian grassroot activists, and it is also a way to spend Russian new year holidays.

As in earlier years, various Russian grassroot initiatives will present themselves in festival. You should visit festival, if you are interested on what has happened in Russian anarchist, feminist and queer movements during year 2015.
All festival events will be open to everyone. The festival is organized by Alusta anarchist federation (Helsinki local group A-ryhmä) and Anarchist Black Cross of Helsinki.

The festival organizers promise free meals to every visitor from abroad during the two festival days. Vegan food will be provided so it is suitable for as many people as possible.
For additional information, contact
Festival begins 11 AM on Saturday 9th of January.

Excerpts from program, full program will be published later:

Maria Godovannaya "Motherhood and Art Practice: the gender balance of roles"

Motherhood completely reverses time and space of artists-mothers transforming theirart-making strategies and techniques. After a childbirth a female-artist immerses herself into maternal practices displacing her artistic activities for a while. But for “thetrue female artist” art returns to her life and artistic practices start to co-exist with maternal practices, although in modified forms. The main questions of my research: how the balance of gender roles is achieved by Russian artists-mothers? what kind of combined practices they use? what happens with professional careers of female artists when they become mothers? how time and space of their art-making transforms under “pressure” of motherhood? do they reflect their maternal experiences in art?

«The Displaced»: a performance by Masha Godovannaya and Polina Zaskavskaya

Post-feminist program is often excluded from the public space, silenced and appropriated by discourse fo the power. «The Displaced» is using voice-performative gesture to occupy space, to move the interpretative framework, taking observer to a post-feminist context where questions of authority, economic and social hierarchies, alienated work, art production, inter-personal relations and collective experiences are being formulated...

Lyonya Gegen: Neo-nazis and nationalists of Sankt-Peterburg

Once mighty far-right of Sankt-Petersburg is currently completely disorganised. Year 2015 was the first time, when it failed to organise main annual nationalist event, “Russian march” which once gathered hundreds of participators. This presentation looks back to development of the far-right in Sankt-Petersburg during this millenium, and how it eventually collapsed.

10 PM — 4 AM, a concert in Kupoli (Mannerheimintie 5 b 7th floor)

With singer-songwriter Stas Pochobut from Belarus and other performers.
On sunday 10th of January, program begins 12 PM and ends 9 PM. Details will be announced later.