Wild class struggles in Paris ...

Wild protests in Paris and ...

Article about a strike in France on Tuesday against attacks on pay and job opportunities. We believe it has some areas and exaggerates numbers but reproduce it for reference.

Wild protests in Paris and ...

More than 5.6 million French people went on strike on Tuesday. The strike targeted its sting against proposals that could lead to lower wages and worsen career opportunities. A group of taxi drivers blocked a major street in Paris to protest against the taxi app Uber. The unions which declared the strike condemns cuts, which according to them has cost the public sector 150,000 jobs since 2007.

A main street in Paris was blocked by the taxi drivers at dawn to have lighted campfires and blocking traffic, reports the BBC. Some 20 drivers have been arrested on suspicion of violence, the possession of arms and for having erected fires.

- Ubers drivers vandalizing professional who pay taxes and respect the rules, says the spokesperson for the taxi drivers, Rachid Boudjema.

Flight authority DGAC has preventive urged airlines to set the 20 percent of the traffic. Air France is one of the companies that cut down on short and medium distances. Conversely, any long-haul flights as planned, said the company on its website.

The drivers are protesting among other things against the app based taxi service Uber and other drivers working without permission.

On Thursday held a big demonstration of striking state employees in France. Then took a number of taxi drivers to show their disgust for the taxi app Uber, according to the BBC.

At least 20 drivers were arrested for rioting, carrying of weapons and to build fires on the street.

The drivers blocked an eight-lane road but were forced away by police using tear gas.
( Extracted from DN.se)

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( from UBER's website)

This is a classic case of class war in a deep civilized capitalist society : A deterioration in the economic measurements, result and achievement ( question of profitability) forces the capitalists to compete aggressively and ruthlessly against each other; this tales place primarily at the expense of working people.
At the same time, the self-propelled rise in the organic composition of capital forces the capitalists and capitalism for change; reforming the labor market, in the this case it the transport sector. The system is obliged to apply new technology and if necessary repressive means for squeezing the labor-power costs, i.e. reform the labor market in total. What else is left except class struggles for the workers? Even if the trade union, which is politically integrated to the core of system, is involved in it. In the time of generalized crisis and war imposed upon us through the entire capitalistic system , our only hope, strength and exit from this darkened reality is class struggles.

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Jan 26 2016 19:48


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jef costello
Jan 26 2016 22:03

I'm not sure that that figure is accurate, it would represent nearly a quarter of workers in France (26 million)
5.6 million is the number of civil servants (teachers, librarians etc) who have been called out. Taxi drivers and air traffic controllers are striking too.
Salaries have been effectively frozen for five years, taxes, deductions and prices have risen.

As I don't work Tuesdays and there wasn't going to be a picket I didn't bother, but I saw no signs of strike anywhere.

Taxi drivers have voted to continue the strike tomorrow, as far as I know everyone else will be back in. 20 arrests of Taxi drivers at last count, there were struggles at Porte MAillot when they tried to block the road.

Robin Goodfellow
Jan 28 2016 10:09

The title and the picture may indicate that paris has lived a real class struggle this tuesday. This is completely UNTRUE.
The picture shows taxi drivers (mainly independant workers) blocking the ring of the city. And the strikes were very low, with the traditional "non action day" of the unions and quiet manifestations which looks more like mourning corteges than reivincative demonstrations.

Sorry, but this article of libcom is giving nothing more than illusions...

Feb 27 2016 11:22

That's right. Nothing really happened in term of class struggle this day. Weak strike and a couple of angry taxi drivers blockading a small part of Paris with few clashes with cops. As a striker my self, it was quite depressing...