Worker in Poland almost killed by capitalist

Worker in Poland almost killed by capitalist

News about a worker who was almost killed just because he wanted his money.

Damian, a man who worked for a building company in Grójec did not get paid for his work. So he telephoned his boss telling that unless he paid him his money he would let the Work Inspectors know about the illegal work conditions in his workplace. After this his boss and friend of his kidnapped the worker and took him to the forest.

In the forest they told him to dig a grave. After he refused one of them attacked him using a chopper. The worker, losing his finger and getting seriously injured on his neck, passed out. The boss, thinking that the worker was dead, decided to run. Damian called the police. The boss and his friend are now facing a prison sentence of up to 25 years.

"Such things happen quiet often" - said the police officer.

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Black Adder
Sep 13 2013 18:13


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Sep 13 2013 18:35

Horrible stuff. Very pleased that he survived and was able to report the perpetrators

Sep 15 2013 20:10

He had 4 fingers cut off and they tried to slit his throat.

When I have time, I will write an article for the locals about the little known world of work in that area, near Warsaw, where I had work this summer. There are Chinese sweatshops, farms full of Ukrainian, Belarussian and Bangladeshi workers who have terrible conditions, illegal fabric factories... Most people in Warsaw don't even know about the conditions just some kilometers outside the city.