Workers' protest at La Scala in Milan

Workers' protest at La Scala in Milan

The workers of La Scala, Italy's most famous opera house, demonstrated yesterday during the meeting of the theatre's Board of Directors to protest against the last decree on lyric theatre.

Milan, 3rd May 2009 - The workers of La Scala demonstrated their disagreement with the decree on lyric theatres that is due to become law shortly. The decree is meant to introduce new regulations on workers' pensions and turnover and substantially cut the public funds dedicated to theatre and live shows in Italy. For example, dancers will be able to retire earlier and, in that way, just receive the "social" pension. Moreover, the decree puts an end to the possibility of hiring new employees and rules out collective bargaining.

The decree seems to be designed to privatize the opera house at the disadvantage of its employees. Protests had already taken place on 25th April when some clashes between the theatre's workers- musicians, dancers, electricians etc- and policeman led to the wounding of one of La Scala employees'.

Yesterday, the workers got into the building where the board was held and asked to be listened by the Directors while explaining their reasons to oppose this decree.

While waiting outside the building for the Directors to come, the workers had brought a grave as a symbol of the cultural death caused by the new law.

CUB - a group founded in 1992 by union members and workers who broke away from the main Italian unions - asked the Board of Directors to resign.

Today another demonstration took place in front of the theatre.

Here you can find the video about yesterday's protest (in Italian)

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