Problem with region tag intros

As a test I just created an intro for the region "UK"

However, after it was set up it's just directed me to

I realise I called it "United Kingdom" instead of UK, and thought that might cause problems, but I can't go and edit it either, because clicking on it in recent posts directly to that same blank taxonomy index.

I guess this is something to do with the hacky forwarding you set up for the search...

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Oct 1 2009 17:39


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Oct 1 2009 17:44

Actually, I realise what I did here, will try to fix it...

Oct 1 2009 17:54

Right well sorted one thing but it's still not working. See here:

I wonder if that's because the ones we chose as "regions" have different URLs and that conflicts with your intro forwarding thing? Because/tags/Iceland seems to be working fine.

Joseph Kay
Oct 7 2009 14:10

this just happened to me too. i created an intro for 'co-operatives', the form was fine, added key articles etc then it created: - which redirects to

Oct 7 2009 17:43

Yeah, the initial problem I had was that when I added a picture, it got rid of the tag that I'd put on it. However, even when I fixed that it still wouldn't display, because there is a problem with the regions URL thing.

With your one, it's just that you forgot to tag it with co-operatives. So I edited it and fixed it.

To edit them is a bit tricky now, because of the auto forwarding, but what you have to do is look in the tracker for the article which was say posted just before it and click to edit that. Then edit the URL by adding one to the number. You see what I mean?

Joseph Kay
Oct 8 2009 13:16

yeah i get ya. d'oh, forgot to tag...

Mike Harman
Oct 9 2009 04:44

Go to admin/content/node and filter by 'intro' to edit stuff. Much easier than tracker.

I'm not sure what the actual bug is here, or which intro isn't working now.

Oct 9 2009 10:56

Catch, the problem is with the intro is for "regions" - in this case, UK.

I think this is because the URL for the region indexes is/regions/UK, and not/tags/UK.

So maybe just changing the URL of/regions to/tags will fix it...

Mike Harman
Oct 11 2009 16:38

Hmm, it shouldn't make any difference.

Can you get me the node ID for the UK regions intro - I can't see any intro on regions/UK at all tbh.

May 7 2011 15:44

Looks like with the redesign we are going to come up with a fix for this, by creating custom views including several tags, so will mark this as needing review only