Tags to merge

There are a couple of things to fix with tagging.

One is moving some items from tags into sectors, I started a thread for this summer. I will dig up the link.

Another one I just found it at items in this accounts tag need moving into the normal accounts tag -/tags/accounts. They are currently here:


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Oct 15 2009 23:57


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Oct 17 2009 18:45
Oct 26 2009 15:39

Also we need a tag for Indonesia in the Oceania section, and this article their needs to go in it:

Mike Harman
Oct 27 2009 02:26

New terms for regions can be added at http://libcom.org/admin/content/taxonomy/22

Installing a module to edit terms and going to add a facility to change vocabulary now so we can stop doing this direct in the db.

Mike Harman
Oct 27 2009 02:54

This is done. On every tag page, you should now see an 'edit' tab. This tab will allow you to edit the term name, delete it, change the path alias, and change the vocabulary - so should cover everything that's painful to do via admin/content/taxonomy now, and/or has required me updating the database directly. Woo!

Oct 27 2009 10:42

There are two "China" tags: when you enter lowercase "china" it creates the "china-0" tag, which contains four posts; when you enter upper case "China" it creates the "china" tag, which contains many more posts. Someone should change the "china-0" tags to "china," and it would be good if the tags could be set so that "china" and "China" both lead to the same "china" tag. Actually it would be ideal if no tags were case-sensitive, don't you think?

By the way, apparently only admins have the privilege to edit tags right? Otherwise I'd be glad to do it myself.

Oct 27 2009 10:50

Yeah, the thing to do with that is only choose "China" from the list of regions. Don't enter "China" in the free tagging box.

Tags aren't case-sensitive, the problem is somebody typed in "china" in the free text box. This can be rectified by editing the four articles in China-0, deleting the free text China tag and instead clicking China from the region's list. If you could do that that would be great, otherwise I will when I can get round to it!

Catch, nice one, thank you!

Mike Harman
Oct 29 2009 15:58

Yeah like Steven says tags are case insensitive, but we have a mixture of structured vocabularies and tags - and nothing to stop duplication between those. However I just realised it might not be too difficult to stop duplicate tags being created in the first place, will have a think.

Nov 2 2009 13:18

So I added Indonesia to Oceania, but it doesn't seem to show up in the list. I tried going to build/modules but doesn't seem to have done anything...

Mike Harman
Nov 2 2009 15:16
Nov 3 2009 00:04

Right, sorted, I didn't see that there was a drop down list for vocabulary, from which I had to select regions, so I think accidentally created one in "forums" somewhere...

Nov 4 2009 18:31

So is there anyway of moving say everything in accounts-lib to accounts?

Mike Harman
Nov 5 2009 04:16

That still needs a direct query. However you can easily get the tid for both terms from the edit tab (it'll be the number for the address bar) - if you post those here, I can run those queries pretty easily.

Nov 9 2009 09:42

Sorry, trying to put newspapers into the media and culture sector, but I can't see media and culture on the drop down list of tags. Am I doing something wrong?http://libcom.org/taxonomy/term/1068/edit-term

Mike Harman
Nov 11 2009 06:36

On that edit page, it says the vocabulary is tags?

Oct 18 2010 13:25
That still needs a direct query. However you can easily get the tid for both terms from the edit tab (it'll be the number for the address bar) - if you post those here, I can run those queries pretty easily.

So all of the ones in accounts-lib - number 58 - need moving into accounts - number 1525.

Then the whole Formats category can be deleted as well.

Would you be able to do this at some point?

Mike Harman
Oct 18 2010 14:20

I moved all articles from accounts-lib to accounts and deleted the accounts-lib term.

'PDF-lib' still has a bunch of articles. I think we can delete that, but wanted to go you a chance to say no before I do.

Then I'll delete the 'formats' vocabulary itself as long as that's fine.

Oct 18 2010 15:20

Thank you, that's great! With the PDF one, I had forgotten about that. In that case can you put all of the ones in the PDF-lib tag (number 154), and move them into the proper PDFs tag (number 1640). Then you can delete the whole formats vocabulary. Much appreciated!

I'm going to go through all of the issues here and try to fix what I can, or Mark them as completed if that is the case as well.

Oct 29 2010 10:27

hi, found one more that needs doing when you get a chance:
Prisons tag -3589 - delete and move all into:

Prisons sector -937

Nov 1 2010 10:14

And another one:
South Africa tag -2996

Delete and move to:
South Africa region -927

Nov 30 2010 11:43

944 needs deleting and merging into 1782

Both CNT tags

Dec 26 2010 20:15

69 needs deleting and articles moving into

Dec 29 2010 01:01

2979 needs deleting and posts move into

Mike Harman
Jan 11 2011 14:24

Caught up with this, all done.

Jan 12 2011 18:44

Mate, that's brilliant, thanks. I'm going through trying to tidy up all of the tags now so I may flag up some more. I am trying to do ones without many articles myself manually.

Feb 21 2011 10:12

Pickets - 1254

Should be deleted and merged into:
demonstrations - 998

Feb 28 2011 12:45

1189 -autonomism To be deleted and merged with
2151 - autonomist Marxism

2497 Bolsheviks to be deleted and merged with
2474 Bolsheviks

Feb 28 2011 15:37

1086 community delete and move to
205 community activity

3676 cooperatives merge into
974 cooperatives

Feb 28 2011 17:55

2439 dismissals kill and merge with
1545 job losses

976 natural disasters kill and merge with
4120 disasters

156 energy tag kill and merge with
826 energy sector

246 freedom kill and merge with
2666 freedom press

1044 fast food kill and merge with
1043 food service

1255 fuel kill and merge with
1087 oil

1015 film kill and merge with
1138 film

Mar 1 2011 12:32

4203 Indonesia tag kill and merge with
3557 Indonesia region

4650 India tag kill and merge with
877 India region

2075 leaflet kill and merge with
2518 leaflets

1191 Leninism kill and merge with
969 Vladimir Lenin

2235 libertarian Marxism kill and merge with
3530 libertarian socialism

Also, is it possible to copy all of the articles from one type to another, while still keeping both tags? If so, I would like to copy all the articles from Kosovo war 3136 into Kosovo 3106

Mar 2 2011 22:34

159 media kill and merge with
830 media sector

1930 miners kill and merge with
993 mining

843 military kill and merge with
1073 military sector

1292 new Labour kill and merge with
715 Labour Party

Mar 2 2011 23:34

2437 nurses kill and merge with
829 health and medicine

Mar 4 2011 19:52

1254 pickets kill and merge with
998 demonstrations

Mar 5 2011 19:36

2149 recession kill and merge with
2706 credit crisis

1977 self-management kill and merge with
958 workers control

1215 Situationist's kill and merge with
1197 Situationist

3262 South Korea kill and merge with
1222 South Korea region

2055 transport kill and merge with
1055 transport sector

that should be it for now!

Mar 7 2011 11:42

2092 CGT kill and merge with
1605 CGT

4175 John E Jacobson kill and merge with
4288 John E Jacobson

2948 USSR tag kill and merge with
966 USSR region

ALL DONE including authors!

If I can help with this merging stuff please let me know because it would be good to get it out of the way ASAP

Apr 9 2020 08:31

Can anyone help with merging the Engels tags.