Open editing a bad idea?

this has been like that for 6 weeks before anyone noticed. fucksake. with all the spammers we get registering, and a negligible proportion of the users making edits is it really a good idea to have an open editing system? they should at least go into a queue for approval no?


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Joseph Kay
Nov 6 2009 17:08


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Mike Harman
Nov 7 2009 02:02

We do have an approval queue, but it wasn't switched on for book pages sad fixed that.

Nov 7 2009 02:05

They do go into an approval queue. Looking at it looks okay - or did you revert to the old version?

The approval queue is at the bottom right of the page. I don't know if maybe there was a problem with "notes" content type, which meant it was left out?

I like open editing, but the editor approval queue has to work!

Quite a lot of people do actually make edits, because lots of people edits their original posting forum topics. Okay, that's not important, but it would be good to get more users editing things generally if ever they notice any mistakes, or have more information.

Nov 7 2009 05:52

I posted that before seeing catches response. If that's fixed then I think that's all good.

Joseph Kay
Nov 7 2009 18:31

yeah catch that sorts it, closing the ticket. Steven; yeah i reverted it as soon as i saw.