Problems adding book pages

I'm trying to add all the individual accounts from the daily Greek riots eyewitness accounts into one book containing all of them.

However, I seem to be unable to do so, as when I choose the book in book outline of the potential child articles I get the error message:An illegal choice has been detected. Please contact the site administrator.

With one of the more I got that but then I went to build/modules and click save then I was able to add it, but repeating the process for others didn't work.

The parent book is here:

One child text which often unable to move is here:

bug report

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Nov 13 2009 11:24


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Mike Harman
Nov 14 2009 02:17

OK something odd is happening with this, as I can't see that one in the book administration at all, and two you linked to show up as in 'notes' which is clearly wrong.

Can you confirm you definitely made a new book and definitely posted some stuff to it?

Also why not a 'Greece riots 2009' tag?

Nov 14 2009 13:47

You can see the book, I linked to it in my original post above. However, as it wasn't working I set it to unpublished - so if that's causing the problem for you checking it out please feel free to set it to published.

The parent book again is here:

I've set it to published so it shows up again. Looking in the book outline I see that for some reason it was in notes, so I made it a new book again. But still have the same problem trying to put other pages in it - although as you can see one page is in it already.

Nov 14 2009 13:48

PS there is a tag - Greece unrest. Maybe we should rename it Greece unrest 2008 though

Mike Harman
Nov 16 2009 04:29

Ah, I got confused by it being in notes I thik.

I just managed to add with no problems. Make sure you allow a couple of seconds for the AJAX selector to update - it's possible if you submitted the form before that updated, that it sent an incomplete submission and triggered the error.

Nov 16 2009 12:13

Right okay I think I see what the problem is now - if I go to the outline page, choose the book and then press tab it works - the problem was I was pressing enter, which was causing it to fuck up, and even the picture would disappear. A bizarre bug