Enable uploading multiple files at once

Is there any way we could change the image and file attachments modules to enable us to select a whole bunch of files and upload them at once?

Because I am doing this FMS newspaper, which has loads of attachments and it's killing me! It's going to take so long to finish as well…

Also, this would be really good for image galleries. I want to scan this Paris 68 book and upload those, but again during each one manually would take me too long.

So, anyway of doing this?

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Jun 3 2011 11:06


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Jun 8 2011 11:11

Yo, the FMS lot are keen to start advertising their archive. So would something like this be possible in the near future?

If not, would it be easy to just allow us to attach ZIP files to library articles? In that case, I could just put them all up as a big ZIP file.

Jan 9 2012 11:39

Has there been any further thought on this? I was wanting to add some images to the gallery but it's going to take a while doing them one by one, especially with me having a slow connection.