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Hi US anarchos,

Some valid points about sectarianism from, but listen-

Forget about, they don't represent fuck all in the UK. They are an isolated clique who hate most of what is happening in the uk anarchist movement. The Libcom bulletin board is populated with outdated social-democratic forms of ideology. is totally irrelevant in the UK, nobody really knows anything about it other than the people on the boards are intolerant, arrogant idiots.

In a few years most of them will drop the 'libertarian' and just stick with the 'communist' definition. Broadly speaking, most of the forum participants hate the insurrectionist currents, they hate any form of critique of technology or industry. They do not support the ELF or ALF. They are navel-gazing twats who slag off the US scene endlessly, and love taking the piss out of anyone who doesn't conform to their definition of what it means to be an anarchist/libertarian communist.

Fuck libcom

UK anarchist (posted on indymedia)


Addid - BNP, Pershore High School, Worcestershire, UK

An appalling resource... a port of call for lazy radicals...
anarchist hairdressers... Stealing pens from the office and calling it class struggle. And who are they useful to? Students, office boys & the idle curious?

"Montevideo" - Wombles, UK

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"Niggerhater" - US

Self-referential activist bollox... anarchist middle management... [you] and the rest of your cliche [sic] are putting yourself [sic] up for a big fall...
"Raw" - Wombles, UK

Felt like Libcom is run by a bunch of pussies and pissant mooks? Here's your fucking proof.

The words of the moderators Joseph K and John. have finally fucking succeeded in pissing me off to an extensive fucking degree. I'd make it clear to all those who think Jonny Toy Boy and Jospeh KKK are sane, rational and well read people to consider what their motives are behind their creep-up-behind-you-and-stab-you-in-the-throat "politics" exactly are.

Libcom seems to be run by a bunch of whiny immature liberals, extremely immature. ones who would rather point fingers and make shit up, then find out the truth of the matter, "John" is an example.

Fuck them. They want to fuck things for us, then be assured we won't take it laying down with our legs spread like the whores who spawned these two fucking stronzes.

If that John moderator is unwilling to apologise for the verbal attack on the League and it's members, I challenge him to a fight, wherever he likes on equal terms. If by chance John knows how to use a Katana (y'know a big fucking sword), then i'd love to have a duel.
It's all about honour here, without your balls to back it up, what good is your word?

Barkan, Communist League

Die red scum!
By email - UK

Enrager/ is fucking irrelevant & 'Freedom' is totally fucking shit
From an email address beginning "smoke crack" - UK

With activists and activist forums this place has a bad rep for cointel-trolls. This forum is reckoned to be dead dodgy.
"Messy," UK

[...] It is the appearance of anarchists like yourself, communists
like your brother Mengistu Haile Mariam and your uncle Meles Zenawi, the
terrorist viceroy of Tony Blair that brought corruption, tribalism,
extra-judiciary killings and associations of citizens. Get out of your
cave and go visit Kaliti prison in Addis. Or eat your Crowe; Sir! Shame
on you for posting such a dishonest, deceptive and fabricated article, the
sole purpose of which, I believe is character assassination.

From "Haile Selassie", with the e-mail address

, address not supplied.