Rioting is...

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22% (6 votes)
can be good, can be bad.
78% (21 votes)
Total votes: 27

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Nov 24 2005 12:59



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the button
Nov 24 2005 13:16

I think there's a big difference between organising demos that might kick off, and things kicking off by themselves.

Mind you, things kicking off by themselves isn't necessarily a good thing, either. So I voted option three, but just so you know, I don't think that good/bad maps onto a distinction between spontaneous/planned either. Because I'm not some insurrectionist fuckhead. Today.

the button
Nov 24 2005 13:23

......... the perfect crime. black bloc


Nov 24 2005 13:25
Tommy Ascaso wrote:
this leads to people endlessly trying to organise big demo's that will kick off, and when that doesn't happen it feels like a defeat.

Like which demos?

A militant crowd confident enough to defend itself is a thing of beauty, BTW.

Nov 24 2005 14:32
Tommy Ascaso wrote:
I think you're overly romanticising a couple of crusties throwing things at cops.

Nah cos a proper riot (which isn't politically reactionary) is pretty incredible. I mean you can never forget it, I think it's one of the most amazing things you can experience. Intense solidarity with your fellow workers, albeit only for a short while. It's really empowering, and a pretty beautiful sight too. Of course, getting the crap kicked out of you/thinking you're gonna die's not so great. But hey the rough and the smooth etc.

Things like sectarian riots/inter-racial riots are obviously awful.

Nov 24 2005 17:15

Surely a riot is always reactionary? Or if a riot is not a reaction to something then its just a couple of sociopaths and a whole lot of sheep. The occasional riot is a good thing, it reminds monsieur l'homme that he's dealing with far more people than he can possibly control, and it reminds the folk on the streets that most things that piss them off can be destroyed easily enough.

Nov 24 2005 17:36
Tommy Ascaso wrote:
one example was the November 18th 2002 (?) one from Hyde Park to Trafalger Square. I think you're overly romanticising a couple of crusties throwing things at cops.

I think you're generalising your political experience, of a low point of class struggle, to a political principle.

jef costello
Nov 25 2005 17:21

I got nothing against use o force against repression and it is good to see cps running scared from the people but a lot of riots seem to nvolve people who are shit upon destroying their own areas. for example in LA instead of looting korean stores they could have gon a couple miles and looted beverley hills, now that is a poliical statement. Along the same lins, destroying a mcdonldsat may day is all well and good, but beaing up e exloited fucks working their is idiotic. A genune representation of anger and the solidarity it can create is beautiful. But volence is always to an extent sordid and destructive of human dignity, so it isn't really compatible with anarchsm unless it is self defence. I know you can take the line that all class struggle is self-defence but it doesn't entirely convince me.