should we cooperate more in london?

yes i think we should
79% (11 votes)
no, i'm not working with those sectarians!
21% (3 votes)
Total votes: 14

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Oct 8 2005 17:42



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Oct 8 2005 17:42

is there a need for class struggle anarchists across london to cooporate more closely, whether through discussion here, regular meetings, joint actions etc?

or do we work together enough already?

(i am talking class struggle/sympathetic to class struggle only of course, the liberals and lifestylists seem to work together on a london wide basis better than us)

i've done a poll er because i havent done one on libcom for ages embarrassed

Oct 8 2005 18:15

yes, do more things like CAG and stuff

Oct 8 2005 18:37

Well we could start by having a joint Xmas party - people will recall that one was organised last year.

The names on that were CW, AF, Antifa and the Wombles - the Solidarity Federation saidf the venue - Croydon - was too far, so did not join in, and the whole thing was cancelled after police intimidation of the venue.

Perhaps we could try something else this Christmas?

Oct 8 2005 19:14

if you could get a venue, would be a good idea, probably best to do combined socials and things like that rather than anything more formal

can independent observers attend though?

Oct 9 2005 10:26

Yes more mergers!

Why can't we all just... get along?! grin

Jason Cortez
Oct 9 2005 21:08

Probaly better to do more regional ones like South East London etc.

Well, i'm not crossing the river to meet you lot of cunts! twisted

the button
Oct 10 2005 08:09

Yes to the poll question. As to the question in the thread title -- a London-wide class struggle organisation? Well, I would be in favour of that, in the same way that I would be in favour of all Bank Holidays being sunny. I.e., it would be nice, but it's very hard to make it happen just by saying so, or thinking it's a good idea.

I think the way forward on this is for anarchists to work together and socialise together & let the basis for unity emerge out of the experience of common struggle (and common getting rat-arsed wink ). To begin with a programme or constitution for a unified organisation would be lunacy, for practical reasons (fuck me, can you imagine what the early meetings would be like?) -- setting the thing up would probably burn out most of the folks involved.

And if a London wide organisation does emerge, it must be something other than SolFed + AFed + Class War + anyone else who wants to sign up = New improved......

There are excellent comrades who are not part of any of the feds, & who don't want to be. Presenting a "new improved" to them & expecting them to sign up out of sheer gratitude would be profoundly fucked in a number of distinct though related registers.

Jason Cortez
Oct 10 2005 09:14

Good post Mr Button, i still reckon that London is just too big to get meaningful & regular activities going. They're a few of us in this neck of the woods (SE London) who have been talking about organising a regular social/political events to share ideas, resources, drinks and draw together like minded folk into locally based network. smile