Should we hang nonces and hackers?

21% (3 votes)
Yes, and also tedious geeks who say it's not technically hackers because they're just people who look at code or some dull shit,
43% (6 votes)
No, just hackers.
36% (5 votes)
Total votes: 14

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Fall Back
Jun 18 2006 22:52



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Caiman del Barrio
Jun 18 2006 22:57

No way man, he did it for Palestine.

jef costello
Jun 18 2006 23:55

Alan there are no jokes as far as this little shit is concerned.

He needs to be stabbed in the eyes and then have army ants poured into the sockets.

Jacques Roux
Jun 19 2006 00:02
Caiman del Barrio wrote:
No way man, he did it for Palestine.

8) 8)

Even i support the guy!

jef costello
Jun 19 2006 00:18
rkn wrote:
Even i support the guy!

roll eyes roll eyes


Jun 19 2006 14:14

Dude. don't forget trade unionists. They've gotta go too. wink

Jun 19 2006 14:39

We should leave him be, if he hadn't brought down the main forums, I would have been libcomless during my stay in Arrowe Park. Clearly the kid is a genius smile

Jun 19 2006 14:51

I was in hospital, you can't access or any libcom hosted site from the computers there, but you can access the libcom back up forums, which were in use at the time.

Any clearer? tongue