should we use violence against low/no-profile nutcases in an attempt to 'stop their shit'?

No; they do little harm in their self-contained communities. Attacks would only raise their profile.
73% (11 votes)
Yes; it sounds like fun.
27% (4 votes)
Total votes: 15

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Apr 7 2006 10:57



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Apr 7 2006 18:00

I doubt many would disagree with that 8)

Apr 7 2006 18:25
RevolutionReversal wrote:
okay I will say this any person who hates men because they are men is not a feminist.

Why not? How is hating men in contradiction with feminist ideology?

Apr 7 2006 18:29

Well, it depends how yr gonna define feminist ideology. But basically, anything other than out and out seperatism isn't gonna get very far if you hate men. If you hate men because men are inherently oppressive and bad, then you're only logical way out is seperatism, cos trying to campaign for equality or changes in patriarchal ways of thinking are a non-starter if yr working on an us v them idea.

Apr 7 2006 18:31

I think we should psychologically attack Jess for failing to control gender ratios on LibCom. angry