So, which is it?

6% (2 votes)
3% (1 vote)
29% (10 votes)
17% (6 votes)
0% (0 votes)
9% (3 votes)
3% (1 vote)
0% (0 votes)
20% (7 votes)
14% (5 votes)
Total votes: 35

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the button
Apr 18 2005 11:52



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the button
Apr 18 2005 11:52

Inspired by the thread about the story in The Times on Saturday, I was just wondering.....

We used to get the Guardian & Observer, but week after week there was fuck-all to read, so we switched to The Times/Sunday Times. The Saturday Times is good for the Mrs, as there's a giant crossword, thus enabling her to avoid her PhD for a whole afternoon.

the button
Apr 18 2005 11:54

Shite, I spelt newspaper wrong. embarrassed

Apr 18 2005 12:17

Most regularly would have to be the Metro which you get on the bus.

the button
Apr 18 2005 12:19
Refused wrote:
Most regularly would have to be the Metro which you get on the bus.

Shite, I knew I'd fuck up somehow. I've never done a poll before.

Although I say in my defence, that the number of options you can have in a poll is limited -- which is why I ended up putting the Express & the Mail together.


embarrassed red n black star embarrassed

Apr 18 2005 14:20

the Herald, ye sassenach bastart p

Actually the Sunday Herald has some very good articles sometimes, it was the first place I saw the Project for a New American Century mentioned.

Big Brother
Apr 18 2005 16:36

I stop "Buying" the right wing newspapers a long time ago. I still read them if I find one left on the train just to catch up with latest glossip.

I usually find that the Daily Mail is still at World War 2 with Germany and Japan so nothing changes there. (And only boring people read them.)

The Daily Express still goes on about Princess Diana as if she is still alive and is to expect a baby soon. (Anybody buy them any more?!?)

The Sun, lots of pretty pictures but the editor loves to create a climate of fear. (People who read them are usally "fun to be with," let face it, they appear in every work place.)

The Times newspaper use to be good until it became a Ultra Right Wing. I will be expecting the Nazis Party turn up one day via the back door when you least expect it.

The Telegraph, every year I try to win the fantasy whatever it is and bugger lose all. A little less right wing than The Times.

Guardian & Observer neutral but boring to read, for the teachers 'n' geeks.

Independent I find is an "honest" paper but I can never bring myself to buy it.

The Daily Mirror has gone down hill since that editor what's his name disppeared.

The freebe "Metro" are printed by the same people who print the Daily Mail and Evening Standard (I think.)

Evening Standard are usually cutting edge and it does bite at the ankle of the Government. I don't buy them anymore due to loads of freebe newspapers flying around.

Oh hell, I forgot the Daily Star what can I say. A "nuts" mag in a daily paper.

Apr 18 2005 16:47

If a read the dail maily i would automaticaly turn in to a rabid racist and belive every word of it.

Caiman del Barrio
Apr 18 2005 18:10

My folks buy the Torygraph so I read that. When it's really slow at work I read The Independent, if I've already read Rocksound and NME.

Apr 18 2005 20:05

I read the morning star red star most often. embarrassed

Apr 19 2005 02:19
WeTheYouth wrote:
I read the morning star red star most often. embarrassed

nothing to embrarassed about, its a good read

used to get free second hand copies from some old lady when i did paper rounds, good paper, except for the bits about china and rehashed articles by the unison leadership

Caiman del Barrio
Apr 19 2005 09:58

No way are my parents adept enough to handle a stock portfolio.

Apr 19 2005 10:30

My housemate sometimes gets the Guardian so i read bits of that every now and then.

Apr 19 2005 10:35

when I do read a paper, it's usually the Independant cos they seem to have the most reliable reporting of the papers I have seen. Most of the others are filled with so much crap it's not worth wading through it to get to the the bits that are 1) not completely biased, 2) mostly based on reality and 3) somewhat interesting.

Apr 19 2005 10:55

I read the independent. i used to get the guardian but got pissed off with it. most tabloid papers seem to treat the readership like fools.

Apr 20 2005 10:58
cantdocartwheels wrote:

nothing to embrarassed about, its a good read

i find it pretty tedious to be honest, fawning over union leaders and the like, has galloway still got a column in it, there's another reason not to indulge!

best of with the weekly worker, at least it satisfies our tabloid sentimentalities what with all the gossip and stuff, and there members writing letters under different names to make it look like there's more people writing in

that robbie rix is annoying though, winds out the same toss every week in his fighting fund column, plus the fecker didn't mention me the last time i gave them some money, he mentions everybodies elses donations

Apr 20 2005 16:41
Alan_is_Fucking_Dead wrote:
if I've already read Rocksound


My mum gets the Guardian and the Observer, and the local paper. Though I read the Metro so I can see my daily horoscope before I trot off to college wink

Apr 20 2005 21:12

I generally read the sun and/or the mirror as there tend to be copies floating around my local.

Apr 23 2005 00:34

i read the sun, because of page 3 and dear deirdre