wacko jacko is a guilty poedophile!

jacko wacko should be giving the death penalty!
50% (5 votes)
wacko jacko is just so soft cuddly and there for not guilty!
0% (0 votes)
i really couldnt give a moon walk
50% (5 votes)
Total votes: 10

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Feb 6 2005 11:09


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Feb 6 2005 11:09

So is wacko jacko guilty?

to me he seems a sick f***k wit and with hes wealth he can buy and do what he wants,

Feb 6 2005 11:13

I voted moon walk, but he's definately guilty.

Note how some of his celebrity mates have either gone AWOL (Elizabeth Taylor) or have started to prepare the ground to distance themselves from him (Uri Geller).

My advice to anyone who likes his records is not to buy any until after the trial - then you should be able to find them (if you can find them at all) in the bargain basement, next to Garry Glitter's Greatest Christmas Hits.

Con Carroll
Feb 7 2005 12:22

the paedophile jackson is guilty I voted hang him. listen to the language he uses to describe children. isn,t it amazinf what money can do.

Feb 10 2005 19:48

Well that was another positive poll,as usual it reflects the lefts position really doesnt it,no opinion and dont really care...owww well never mind,maybe we should do a poll why the left has no voice and ignores real issues.............

Feb 16 2005 14:30

I don't think he did himself any favours yesterday.

His brief was telling the world's media that Jackson was "very, very ill" then it was announced he had flu.

Perhaps he needs to eat more greens.........