What's the future?

Stay up as a general Dissent! forum
36% (9 votes)
Stay but with a change of moderator
4% (1 vote)
Shut down -- no need for one after G8
60% (15 votes)
Total votes: 25

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Jun 30 2005 11:16


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Jun 30 2005 11:16

This question will partly depend on whether Dissent! stays together as a network, of course, but what do the users of this message board think?

Jun 30 2005 11:47

turn it into a giant fish tank-like someone did with one of those old red phone boxes

Jun 30 2005 14:34

Regardless of Dissent i think it should stay up for at least a fortnight afterwards for reflection on what happened etc. After that it should stay as a dissent board if that stays as a network but if not get rid!

Big Brother
Jun 30 2005 16:42

Prisoner Support will be needed so I think it might be wise to just keep it up for a couple weeks afterwards. After that shut it down, in anycase Dissent don't even have a link to this site anymore.

It's just my view and I am not knocking Dissent. neutral

gentle revolutionary
Jul 1 2005 22:13

In addition to prisoner support (I'm not so sure about "post-G8 reflection" - it tends to be self-aggrandizement, at least among proponents of "substitutionist direct action"), it might also serve to discuss possible activities & strategies for the continuation of libertarian local groups that formed around the G8, but don't want to disband & leave a desert in their areas.

Jul 1 2005 23:50

Hve we not got ID cards to work on? (General class call)

Also, seems we need to do some prisoner support as a priority.

Jul 18 2005 23:42

Keep it going I reckon. I also think dissent should carry on. If we stop we are no worse than the geldof followers in the park- one hit wonders.

Jul 19 2005 10:19

it'd be good if someone could actually post something up about what was decided by the G8, i know most of the agenda was set out before the summit but what are the particulars regarding the privatisation of africa and the 'war on terror' etc?

Big Brother
Jul 19 2005 11:34

I think there is an article in Schnews (Latest) about what was said.

Jul 20 2005 13:52

If dissent are planning to do more, which could be an outcome at the gathering in August, it makes sense to keep it.

Mike Harman
Jul 24 2005 11:33

Since dissent apparently don't link to the forum, and the summit itself is over. I would suggest that any ongoing threads of interest be moved to the General or Organise forums, then this forum locked - there's already general discussion about the G8 in those forums anyway.

Jul 24 2005 13:59

Right now there are prisoner updates still being posted, and issues continue to spill over from the ResistG8 email list onto this forum, so I'd argue for keeping it over for now.

Nov 20 2005 03:19

4 months later... tongue