Who do you think is the Anarchist Che Guevara?

33% (13 votes)
Emma Goldman
8% (3 votes)
23% (9 votes)
Mikhail Bakunin
5% (2 votes)
31% (12 votes)
Total votes: 39

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May 5 2006 20:48



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May 5 2006 20:48

Who would you say is the closest thing anarchists have to a revolutionary figure that inspires as much as Che does for the communists?

I'm going to have to say Emma Goldman:

May 5 2006 20:50

Yeah I'd say Durruti as well.

Catch 22
May 5 2006 20:52
revol68 wrote:
sorry, thats mental.

it's clearly Durruti by a mile, i would say a country mile but I don't know if that is longer or shorter. embarrassed

Not for Americans, Goldman is a lot bigger than durruti here.

Rob Ray
May 5 2006 20:52

Country mile is longer, clearly. Townies are lightweights.

And yeah Durruti is sooo much better then Emma Goldman, only one to match him would be ole Nestor.

Durruti would clearly beat Nestor in a fight mind.

May 5 2006 20:53

Durruti never lead a guerilla army...

May 5 2006 20:57

Saii what are you on about? If Makhno was a bank manager or a clergyman Durruti would clearly stomp him - but Durruti didn't even have a horse, how's he supposed to beat Makhno in a fight?

Rob Ray
May 5 2006 21:06

Oh come on the rifling was clearly of superior quality in Spain at the time, as were the vehicles. If he did choose to have a sword it would have been Toledo steel, so his equipment would be better for a start.

He also forged his hardcoreness working in machining shops from a young age and was renowned for his strength, unlike Makhno, who was a bleedin' sheep farmer black bloc.

Rob Ray
May 5 2006 21:11

Obviously that was a hypothetical, in this case you have to work on the assumption the sheep would bleed indefinitely.

May 5 2006 21:28
revol68 wrote:
You know you really wanna say Connolly don't ya! tongue


or what about Joe Black whose face stares out at us alongside Malatesta, Bakunin and Emma Goldman? grin

I'm glad other people thought that was funny. We had sovietpop and another comrade in it as well though. Joe was only there for two issues. But ultimately we stopped it cos a comrade thought that we shouldn't be making fun of our own politics. Tch kill joy.

But Makhno would clearly beat the shit out of Durruti.

I think its time for a poll.

And though Makhno was probably cooler, I think Durruti is our Che Guevara figure. Flamboyant, violent revolutionary that died to young. Makhno is more of a Lenin figure. Stern clear minded calculating revolutionary that actually made 'it' happen and died in a less than glamorous manner.

May 5 2006 21:39

I vote for Jack.

May 5 2006 22:11

Durruti..had a cute hat.

May 5 2006 22:12
Jess wrote:
I vote for Jack.

Option added.

I'd say Durruti. Emma Goldman said some well annoying stuff. A bit "earnest" as well. I bet if she were around she'd always be moaning at you for not being dedicated enough, or not going to enough meetings roll eyes

May 6 2006 14:55

...most of the time she'd be fucking right, tho. wink

jef costello
May 6 2006 15:16

I voted for Jack, I haven't met any of the others yet. grin

May 6 2006 19:05

Wait, what about Cammilo Berneri - he was even undeniably assassinated by imperialist police fuckers, whereas with Durruti its speculation - plus Berneri had better politics...

May 6 2006 19:13

Why can't I buy a t-shirt with Dennis' head screaming upside down???

May 7 2006 02:13

We are Anarchists, not Leninists: we deserve at least two!: Makhno y Durruti. If only one, then Durruti, purely because he died more violently.

May 7 2006 10:42

I voted Jack.

Caiman del Barrio
May 8 2006 00:26
revol68 wrote:

Jack earlier.

The resemblance is uncanny. Unjustified obnoxiousness, sledgehammer subtle sarcasm, homoerotic undertones...

Caiman del Barrio
May 8 2006 00:27
Refused wrote:

Why can't I buy a t-shirt with Dennis' head screaming upside down???

COS TRU PUNXXXXXXX MAKE ONE!1!!11!1!!!! black bloc black bloc circle A twisted black bloc black bloc twisted circle A

May 8 2006 00:40

This is a really stupid thread.

But definately NOT Emma Goldman.

And Makhno? Died a drunken syphillitic - yeah thats well romantic and inspiring for young revolutionaries roll eyes Well I suppose there's a lesson in it at least.

circle A red n black star

May 8 2006 00:44
Boulcolonialboy wrote:
This is a really stupid thread.




edited to add: wink

Caiman del Barrio
May 8 2006 01:09
revol68 wrote:
If by undertones you mean 140 decibel PA system busting out the village people.

No by Undertones I meant your province's only worthwhile contribution of the last 30 years. tongue

May 8 2006 01:12

Homoerotic The Undertones. Hmmm, no there's an idea that I can't get my head around.

the button
May 8 2006 08:45
Jess wrote:
I vote for Jack.

Me too.

Being the anarchist Che Guevara has fuck all to do with politics and everything to do with

1) your face on a million T-shirts and

2) shagging dolphins

So I vote Jack, on the grounds that we should get that picture of him with a mohican printed on T-shirts, with a caption along the lines of "If I can't shag dolphins, it's not my revolution."

May 8 2006 08:53

Where's my 'Fuck Heroes' tshirt smile

Caiman del Barrio
May 8 2006 09:15
the button wrote:
So I vote Jack, on the grounds that we should get that picture of him with a mohican printed on T-shirts, with a caption along the lines of "If I can't shag dolphins, it's not my revolution."

Seeing as how dolphins indulge in gang rape, can we make sure Jack's bestiality is consensual? Or is that contrary to Jack's revolution?

the button
May 8 2006 09:56
revol68 wrote:
Jack wrote:
Fuck I hate dolphins so much.

Straight dolphins kill gay dolphins, too. angry

Yes but sure dolphin homophobia is not really an issue, i mean it's just not that important. :wink:

To suggest otherwise would be activist wank of the first order. wink

the button
May 8 2006 10:17

Oh, OK.

*stands corrected*

May 8 2006 10:54

Went for Makhno, now if it had been the Nosotros Group... black bloc