Who is this new terrorism law aimed at

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Mar 2 2005 09:56



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Mar 2 2005 09:56

I just been reading through the new terrorism bill and the whole gist of it looks as if it will be used to restrict people from travelling to the G8 summit in gleneagles in july, not really about terrorism. Surely we need some sort of action against this legislation now (not that we didn't before)

The problem with it is that it now allows the gov to impose any sort of controls it likes on anyone it 'suspects' of being involved in terrorism, and we all know they're gunna include the G8 summit protests in that. Whats everyones thoughts on whats gunna happen, I think we could see hundreds of these orders being applied to anarchists or general lefties in the run up to the summit to stop the mass protests happening. Also the penalties for breaking one of these orders is a long time in jail, so should ppl break the orders if they are given?

The gov claim they're only bringing in these powers because they're other peice of crap legislation got ruled illegal, but I think it's a calculated thing to control us rather than anything to combat terrorism

Mar 2 2005 13:58

Nah I don't think they mainly intend to use it against leftie types. Simply because "we" constitute no threat to the liberal state at present, whereas say islamic + animal rights activists and the BNP do.

Mar 2 2005 22:05

I thinks its aimed broadly at anyone who decides to take up any militant struggle. Im sure some on the left maybe subject to it in the future, but us anarchists are far too cool to get caught up in that...or just maybe too few :S

Mar 2 2005 22:35

i think your right crypt in theory and i don't doubt they'd love to do it but i think the scale of the exercise might overwhelm them. apparently they are already scheduling extra court time for the G8 and worrying about where to hold people etc etc. so i think its unlikely that they will slap hundreds of orders on people in the run up to the summit because they are probably well aware of the huge amount of bureaucractic crap they are creating forthemselves in terms of pushing people through the legal process plus that the protests will happen regardless.

i do agree though that we should be taking more action against this insiduous anti-terrorism legislation. the civil contingencies bill became law with hardly a peep from the left of any description. its part of a bigger patchwork of legislation of which ID cards are a part.

In manchester we've been trying to get shit together around ID. We also done the Ministry of Truth a few times now which is a sort of mobile street show to let people know how bad this legislation is and how it will affect them too. Tomorrow we've organised a public meeting about defying ID in manchester (and i'm praying someone other than the usual suspects will turn up). Its not that theres nothing going on to resist this crap, its just not big enough yet.