Who would win in a wrestling match?

Naked man
31% (4 votes)
69% (9 votes)
Total votes: 13

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Fall Back
May 11 2006 19:06



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Lazy Riser
May 11 2006 19:08





May 11 2006 19:15

how about a zombie-pirate-ninja??? yeah LOL OMFG that would be awesome

[/internet fad geek mode]

May 11 2006 19:15

They're both nationalist so no-one wins.

May 11 2006 19:21

God i've had it up to here with all this macho ballwaving. I'm off to go and do some nice girl things. Or some nice girls.

Serge Forward
May 11 2006 19:35

Which reminds me... I was once at a dog fight, and as a sideshow, in an old tin bath they had a fight to the death between a rat and a hedgehog. Guess who won....

Serge Forward
May 11 2006 19:35

The hedgehog won on points.

Boom boom!

May 11 2006 19:50

Lion! The man looks like a punkass.

May 11 2006 20:13



May 11 2006 20:35

if its one thing I've learned. its always bring a gun to a naked lion wrestling match.


Rob Ray
May 11 2006 20:35

lion, cos it's got teeth and amazing strength and claws and that. Also the guy is obviously a bit of a poser, though maybe he could thrown the lion a look, Zoolander style.

Is he a ninja?

May 11 2006 21:14

theres a reason why people are the dominant species and lions, well lions are a bit rubbish. unless its a big lion and a small arena. but even then, the romans had the key to the cages.

May 11 2006 21:42

Refused, that's not true.

The bourgeoisei will win.

May 11 2006 21:44

what if he tames the lion like st jerome and goes on to translate the bible into latin

Jacques Roux
May 11 2006 21:55

That lion looks a bit shit. I reckon the lion would just get it on with the guy. In a Guevara-esque legacy.

If it was this lion tho


Lone Wolf
May 11 2006 23:00

Am I the only one who finds the poser guy hot?? confused

The answer depends on whether the lion is hungry or not. If hungry he will instantly rip the mans head off and consume. If recently sated he will prob. be asleep and the man can stand there flexing his muscles for as long as he wants for all the notice the lion would take. Sorry to give such a serious answer on such a superficial thread. I'll do better next time peeps.

Btw thought that was you at first Jack but it isn't, is it?? Dammit! But oh you are pretty so that will have to do. neutral

Jacques Roux
May 11 2006 23:02
Lone Wolf wrote:
Am I the only one who finds the poser guy hot?? confused

Yes. he looks like some sort of freak out of a 90s boy band.

Jack - ur lion pic is the first thing on google image search when u type in lion... wtf were u searching for?

Lone Wolf
May 11 2006 23:12

Rkn - So according to your tagline, if he was from a naff 80s band that would be ok? wink

May 11 2006 23:44

well if it was that naked man, who is clearly bourgeois scum and never done any real work in his life, then clearly the lion. however, as this lifelike illustration shows, when the naked man in question is the organised might of the proletariat, the man will clearly win:

May 11 2006 23:45
GenerationTerrorist wrote:

Ah shit so that's what this whole thread's been about!

Jacques Roux
May 11 2006 23:45

grin grin

May 11 2006 23:55

i know. sadly that's a shitty quality picture, the only one with it in better quality that i can find as of the whole front page of the cnt newspaper here.

it must be remembered however, that the logo isn't half as cool as the cnt itself.

May 12 2006 13:13

Y'know i didn't bat an eyelid at the title. Just thought ooh ooh a poll, lulz fun!! grin

May 12 2006 13:18

I think Jack has been looking at too much gay porn when he should be reading his collection of old Solidarity pamphlets.

Leave it alone young man, you'll go blind!

May 12 2006 14:10

Well, the naked man looks like he's on a beach of some kind. Maybe he can throw sand in the lion's eyes, and while its trying to desperately claw the sand from its eyes, he could run away and hide in the sea.

The lion could follow him into the sea though.

So maybe he could pay a shark to eat the lion. But what if the shark tried to eat the naked man?

It's all so complicated...