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Jun 18 2004 14:52


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Jun 18 2004 14:52

Read It & Scream, “Guns & Roses” the Northeast’s newest Newsletter from “Class War” is spreading information like a virus and can now be found at indymedia. All ready for you to print, pass on and discuss wot you can send in. We also won`t to hear about any ideas on how to improve it and your comments, so get voting.

Go To: http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2004/06/293612.html

Here are the Newsletters 8)

Guns & Roses May Edition


Guns & Roses Special on Wear Valley.


Guns & Roses June Edition.


Jun 21 2004 15:57

I always wondered what became of Axel Rose..........

The Blast
Jun 21 2004 18:25

Excellent stuff Carl. Where do you distribute it?

Jun 21 2004 18:48

Just getting started here, so not very far on the street except locally. But I am glad to say one responce has said they would be dishing it around Newcastle. Otherwise the newsletter will now be up on a-infos-en in plain text to print off or send to mates.

Wish to get the message out also that we are seeking article from people in the North East, but be warned we except no liberal tosh and they will be edited to reflect Guns & Roses editorial perogative of defending the working Class.