would you give few quid for the comms to set up their army?

64% (9 votes)
21% (3 votes)
I am a fence sitter
14% (2 votes)
Total votes: 14

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May 4 2006 13:33



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Lazy Riser
May 5 2006 18:22


Actually, although I like butchersapron a lot, I’ve decided to change my position on this. In funding the WCPI’s militia we’re simply procuring the commodity role of “leftist”, thus shoring up the very system we seek to destroy.

I think the IWCA should take a position on this immediately. I urge them to advocate the redirection of regeneration funds earmarked for fountains, plaza’s and boutiques towards the WCPI’s proud foot soldiers. Their failure to take a stand on this issue accounts for their poor electoral showing.



May 5 2006 18:58

Just to clarify i was not talking about the PKK. I wouln't send them bullets if i were on fire.

May 5 2006 19:12

Hmmm yeah I don't know. I'd have to know more about them. Though I'd be incline to agree with butchers than some "autonomous" campaigns that revol mentions are probably quite likely to have strong links with various leninisty groups.

May 5 2006 19:23
revol68 wrote:
sorry when did i use the word "autonomous" to describe these campaigns? of course they have leninist factions and all sorts of social democrats and leftists in their rnaks and leadership, but they still represent an attempt to organise as workers, for workering class interests.

have i been shitting in your cornflakes cos you seem to be going out of your way lately to misrepresent my posts. confused

Sorry I wasn't trying to quote you, I used autonomous myself. But okay I see what you mean. Hmmm but some of them were probably set up by leninists, in which case could they be akin to this "proletarian army" thing? Which you've got to admit does sound very cool...

May 5 2006 19:23

They already have an army in Ianian Kurdistan, according to wikipedia.

May 5 2006 19:24

It sounds like stalinist bullshit to me.


May 5 2006 19:26

Komala is their army in Iranian Kurdistan. That sounds like nationalist bullshit.

May 5 2006 19:29

Just to clarify as the posts were coming in quickly.

I said that the proletarian army is Stalinist bullshit, and Komala is nationalist bullshit.

Mike Harman
May 5 2006 19:32
John. wrote:
this "proletarian army" thing? Which you've got to admit does sound very cool...

...reminds me of something... proletarian army.... oh sad

Mike Harman
May 5 2006 20:13

I've asked the guy from Iran who translated parts of the blog into Farsi to take a look at this discussion and give us a better idea on the splits and their politics (and his politics for that matter, his blog's in Farsi so it was difficult to tell!). Hopefully he'll chip in.

Except to say that without knowing as much as I'd like about either, my fiver would probably go to the Southern oil workers' union.

Mike Harman
May 6 2006 10:47

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