Social Revolution #5

Issue 5 of Social Revolution circa 1976.

Articles on: TUC and the state, the woman question and socialism, report on schools (occupations etc), account of railway journey through Russia, letters, au pairs struggles, India, China, Conference on Direct Action and Criminal Trespass, the Murrays, reviews.

Social Revolution #4

4th issue of Social Revolution from circa 1976?

Articles on council housing cuts, health and safety at work, Spain `1936, skimmed milk imports from the Common Market, National Union of Students, Ursula La Guin fiction extracts.

NB some pages have bits cut out of them.

Workers Power for Social Revolution #2 Sept 1975

Second issue of Workers Power for Social Revolution (which then became Social Revolution).

Articles include: global crisis, Oxford University - slum landlord, radical statistics group, gay workers conference, Ryder report (car industry), struggles in the NHS, Uniprint - Denmark's first factory occupation, Vietnam war, Chile - reform to reaction, increasing militancy of NALGO members, Defend the BWNIC 14, 1911 schoolkids strike,

Social Revolution journal

An online archive of Social Revolution- the paper of the Social Revolution Group.

The first two issues were titled Workers Power for Social Revolution. Later issues would include the tagline "incorporating Libertarian Communism" as the decision had been made to cease production of the more theoretical journal of that name.

8 issues were published from 1975-1977.

After this the group merged with Solidarity and produced the new Solidarity for Social Revolution journal.

PDFs from Sparrows Nest Archive, Nottingham.

Solidarity journals on Libcom

An index of the various journals and bulletins by the UK libertarian socialist group Solidarity on Libcom.

An index of pamphlets by the group is here.

The Raven #40: Genetic Modification

An issue of The Raven from Autumn 1999 covering issues around genetically modified food from various perspectives. Edited by Donald Rooum.

Liverpool Anarchist #16

Latest issue of the Liverpool Anarchist with articles about the £20 benefits cut, a university strike, conscientious objectors in Walton Jail and resistance to the arms trade.

Open Letter To British Soldiers (1912)

Reprint of 1912 letter to British soldiers that resulted in several people associated with The Syndicalist being given prison sentences.

From Wildcat #1 1974. Text from The Anarchist Library.

Witness for the Prosecution - Colin Ward

At the end of the 2nd World War, Colin Ward was a young soldier beginning to be interested in anarchist ideas. Here he describes how he was called to give evidence against the group he later joined.

Published in Wildcat #1 1974. Text from The Anarchist Library.