1905 Revolution

Remember Kronstadt - Wildcat

Remember Kronstadt

Wildcat (UK) give a brief history of the Kronstadt fortress, from 1905 to 1921 on the 70th anniversary of the uprising (1991).

Boris Yelensky's memoirs of the Russian Revolution

Nestor Makhno

Anarchist Boris Yelensky's memoirs of the Russian Revolution. Yelensky later published Maximov's work and was a central figure in the Anarchist Black Cross.

Organisational Questions of the Russian Revolution - Rosa Luxemburg

Rosa Luxemburg

This text is a translation of two articles entitled 'Organisational Questions of Russian Social Democracy', written by Rosa Luxemburg in 1904.

Leninism or Marxism - Rosa Luxemburg

Leninism or Marxism was published as an article in 1904 under the title "Organisational Questions of the Russian Social Democracy" in Iskra and Neue Zeit, and later reprinted in pamphlet form titled Marxism vs. Leninism in 1935 by the Anti-Parliamentary Communist Federation.

The mass strike - Rosa Luxemburg

Rosa Luxemburg

The Mass Strike, the Political Party and the Trade Unions by Rosa Luxemburg, written and first published: 1906