France: Paris air traffic controllers strike

Staff held a one-day strike on Saturday in protest at plans to force workers to change sites and the planned rationalisation of the network.

France: Posties prepare for strikes

La Poste van

Workers in seven French departments have given official notice of strike action in relation to a dispute over overtime payments.

France: Postal counter staff strike in Le Havre

Counter services in Le Havre and the surrounding regions were severely affected by a one-day walkout last Tuesday by postal counter staff.

France: Binmen strike over pay

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An indefinite strike was called called yesterday by bin men in the Ile de France region.

France: Marseille dockers win strike

Marseille Port

Marseille dockers agreed to go back to work on Saturday after the Port of Marseille agreed that workers hired for the new gas terminal would be employed directly by the docks rather than allow GDF (Gaz de France) to use its own staff.

1880-1945: Yiddish-speaking libertarians in France

Montmartre in 1907

Short article tracing the development of the Jewish Yiddish language anarchist and syndicalists in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in France.

Strike at McDonalds, Paris, August 2004

Paris airport workers may strike

Workers at Charles de Gaulle-Roissy airport in Paris may strike after over 70 Muslim workers were stripped of security badges.

1895-1921: The CGT, France

The CGT today

A history of the anarchist origins of the largest trade union in France and the development and decline of revolutionary ideas and practice within it.

CPE scrapped

A more detailed look at the withdrawal of the new French employment law CPE with latest updates.