Abdullah Öcalan

The Art of Freedom: A Brief History of the Kurdish Liberation Struggle

The revolution in Rojava captured the imagination of the left, sparking a worldwide interest in the Kurdish Freedom Movement. The Art of Freedom demonstrates that this explosive movement is firmly rooted in several decades of organized struggle.

Democratic Autonomy in North Kurdistan

Democratic Autonomy in North Kurdistan

In the fall of 2011, a group of TATORT activists journeyed into the Kurdish regions of Turkey to learn how the theory of Democratic Autonomy was being put into practice. They discovered a remarkable experiment in face-to-face democracy—all the more notable for being carried out in wartime.

Power and Truth: Analytics of Power and Nomadic Thought as Fragments of a Philosophy of Liberation

Michael Panser, 2018

Michael Panser is an internationalist who lost his life during a Turkish air raid in December 2018. In this essay, Panser explores the intersection of Foucault and Öcalan.

Make Rojava Green Again

A pamphlet on social ecology in the context of the Democratic Federation in Northern Syria (Rojava).