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Belarus: Anarchists in the Uprising against the Dictatorship

An interview with the Pramen collective and another anonymous anarchist from Belarus, exploring the current uprising. This interview was first published by Crimethinc.

Interview with Esther and Sam DoIgoff – Doug Richardson

An interview with longtime anarchists Esther and Sam Dolgoff on the anarchist movement in the United States from the 1920s to the 1970s, published in the Spring 1975 edition of the journal Black Rose.

EXARCHIA: Solidarity to squats and all spaces of struggle- ASSEMBLY Announcement

Solidarity to squats and all spaces of struggle in Athens

The state and capital always attack the freedom of the social base, steal its labor and resources. In recent years we have experienced one of the most violent attacks through the massive impoverishment of people who are already oppressed and exploited.
On the other hand, there has been widespread social resistance and solidarity. People have created a variety of self-organized spaces such as housing infrastructure, social medical centers, community kitchens, open parks and public spaces which are just some of the main examples.

A beautiful idea: history of the Freedom Press anarchists by Rob Ray [Book review]

A beautiful idea: history of the Freedom Press anarchists by Rob Ray.

A review of Rob Ray's 2018 history of Freedom Press taken from KSL: the Bulletin of the Kate Sharpley Library

Socialism from Below: A History of Anarchism Audiobook

An audio book of George Woodcocks pamphlet on the history of Anarchism.

Socialism from Below: A History of Anarchism

A short history of Anarchism both as a philosophy and as a movement, written during World War II.

Workers' protest rally in Kamalganj two tea gardens, Bangladesh

Tea workers protesting at the Gate of Authorities Office

Activist Tea Workers said that the workers 'wages agreement for tea workers at the end of every two years has expired but the workers' wages agreement has expired in January of the year 2017. Since the new agreement has not been signed for a long time, family members of five to seven members of the daily wage of 85 rupees are forced to run their family in distress. A memorandum was passed to two tea garden managers demanding the implementation of the wage agreement.

Contrasting classical anarchism with anarchism after 1945.

Anarchist Congress London 1913

An incomplete take on the historical development of anarchism as a separate political theory.