Anti Fascist Action

Anti-Fascist Strategy: One Step Beyond

Anti-Fascist Action strategy article in the lead up to Labour being elected in 1997. From Fighting Talk issue 16.

The Big Picture: Combat 18 - Fantasy Fascism?

Anti-Fascist Action aricle about the neo-Nazi group Combat 18, from issue 16 of Fighting Talk.

The Strange Story of Combat 18 – Dan Woinsaker

Over the past 4 years Dan Woinsaker has kept his eyes and ears open to keep readers informed of developments in the Nazi music scene, and the most significant thing in Britain was Combat 18's takeover of Blood & Honour. As C18 tears itself apart this will undoubtedly have an effect on the future of B&H and so we have asked Dan W. to have a look at the strange story of C18.

The History & Development of AFA Strategy

From issue 21 of Fighting Talk magazine, 1999.

Race Attacks: Time For Action

In December 1998 Anti-Fascist Action was invited to participate in a seminar on race attacks, held in east London. Along with youth and community workers, academics and local campaigns, the meeting was very constructive and illustrated the growing concern that official anti-racist strategies are not working. The following article was AFA's opening contribution to the discussion.

Race Attacks: Cruel Brittania - Joe Reilly

AFA criticism of liberal anti-racist initiatives in working class communities in London.

From Fighting Talk issue 20, 1998.

To Ban or not to Ban: The Case Against State Bans on Fascists - Jim Kane

From issue 7 of Anti-Fascist Action's Fighting Talk magazine, 1994.

"The Good Old Days" - The Roots of AFA in Manchester

National Front and members of the 'Squad' (who later went onto form AFA) clash a

Anti-Fascist history from issue 7 of AFA's Fighting Talk magazine (1994).

Let's Get Physical - Sid Martell

The implementation of a No Platform policy will invariably involve physical confrontation with the fascists. In this issue Fighting Talk's Sid Martell explores the politics of the pavement...

From Anti-Fascist Action's Fighting Talk magazine issue 7, 1994.