Fascists attack paper sale in Lewisham

Whilst undertaking their usual Saturday morning paper sale in Lewisham several SWP members were viciously assaulted by a group of fascists. At least two people required hospital treatment. This is the latest in a growing list of attacks against anyone that the fascists deem to be 'left wing'.

Not mentioned in Dispatches

Review of the piss poor Dispatches documentary on the English Defence League!

Court out! Racist groups try to use court cases for publicity

A look at far right groups Like the British National Party and English Defence League trying to piggyback onto court cases to get publicity, whether those involved want them to or not.

EDL Liverpool report

The far right make a hames of things. Again! A February 2012 update on the antics of the English Defence League and British National Party.

Nazi opportunists descend on Liverpool

Liverpool anti-fascists counter a UK wide mobilisation of Nazi's as the protest outside Liverpool Crown Court in an attempt to make political capital out of a case involving alleged paedophiles.

EDL seems to be fading fast

Reports of recent activities of the anti-Muslim English Defence League and Infidels groups, which have been a washout.


DSG aims to publish posts and propaganda from various sources as provocation and stimulation. The following text was produced by Paul O’Hagan, a journalist living in East London. He is writing under a pseudonym.

'A superb start'? I doubt it!

The EDL claim they are off to a 'superb start.' Antifascists, however, think rather differently.

Militant anti-fascism and the Occupy movement

A brief overview of the ideas behind militant anti-fascism, and why physically confronting the far-right is necessary. Aimed at people who've been taken in by the idea of pacifism as an absolute, but specifically the Occupy movement and those camping at Occupy Liverpool.

Is it time for a security upgrade?

As the EDL/Infidels declare their intentions to target left-wing groups and their meetings. Is it time for a security upgrade?