Romania: Protests against austerity measures grow, general strike planned

Areas of the Romanian capital Bucharest were paralysed today by 50,000 demonstrators protesting against the savage austerity measures currently being pursued by the Romanian government. Meanwhile, unions have threatened a general strike on the 31st of May.

Globalisation - further reading guide

libcom's guide to further reading on globalisation and the struggle against it.

Anti-IMF demonstration in Istanbul photo gallery

Photographs from the 2009 demonstrations against the International Monetary Fund in Istanbul, Turkey.

Bangladesh; life's a gas! $100 a month employee grabs 'bonus' of $145 million

Gas plant

The extent of the corruption discovered within the Bangladeshi gas supply industry is astonishing even the anti-corruption investigators (see earlier story).

The Korean working class: From mass strike to casualization and retreat, 1987-2007

Loren Goldner on the history of the Korean working class during the past 20 years.

1997: The Albanian insurrection

Demonstrators in 1997

A little-known uprising in Albania, triggered by International Monetary Fund measures after which the state lost complete control.

World Bank says: work 24/7 with no rights

A new World Bank report calls for the wholesale elimination of workers' rights.