Scarselli, Ferruccio (1892- 1921)

Ferruccio Scarselli

A short biography of Italian anarchist communist Ferruccio Scarselli

Scarselli, Ines Leda (1906-1985)

Ines Leda Scarselli

A short biography of Italian anarchist Ines Leda Scarselli

Scarselli, Eusebio (1863-1934)

(From l. to r) Ida, Eusebio, Scintilla, Giacomo

A short biography of Italian anarchist Eusebio Scarselli

Scarselli, Ida (1897-1989)

Ida Scarselli

A short biography of Italian anarchist Ida Scarselli

Repression against striking workers in Italy

Zerocalcare Piacenza

After blockades and a succesful strike at TNT-Fedex in Piacenza massive police operations and violence against workers and unionists:

Anarchists in a Workers Uprising: Italys Biennio Rosso

An article tracing the development of the Italian Biennio Rosso and the anarchist movements role. Largely focusing on the Italian Anarchist Union (UAI) and Italian Syndicalist Union (USI)

"Padrone di Merda" Worker Organizers Under Attack in Bologna, Italy

Workers organised in “Padrone di Merda” have been charged and ordered to leave their city. They are raising money for legal fees, and you can support them here.

Why is coronavirus killing so many people in Italy?

"Confindustria: your health is worth less than our profits."

Let's make a few things clear: Coronavirus is killing thousands of people in Italy because of inequality, business, reckless disregard for workers' lives.

Today is Grey but the Future Looks Black

New year, old music, from a well-known score sheet played out by... the Left. A "Left" that’s not ashamed to dress itself up in populist clothes, worn in the service of state capital on the understanding that this is the way to open up markets as a "progressive realisation of the patriotic ideal and the concept of nationhood". In the name, of course, of the people and the "concept of community" as understood by those who are ready to recite the hidden virtues of a renewed "capital-socialism".

Italy: The Failure of the “Populist” Coalition

For those who think that the political and economic incompetence of our rulers is confined to the Anglo-Saxon states the following article from our Italian comrades, written just before the European elections, only underlines the same sorry story for Italian capitalism.