Karl Marx

'Communism in Living' - What can early human society teach us about the future? by Camilla Power

We need to appreciate the significance that understanding primitive communism held for the early Marxists.

Marx himself put aside his work on Capital to do some anthropology, which we find in his notebooks - from which Engels extracted the work which led to The origin of the family, private property and the state. Besides Marx and Engels, there is Rosa Luxemburg: as a prisoner in World War I, she wrote Introduction to political economy, where she deployed the cutting edge of anthropology of her day.

Living The Dream in the feminist moment

Interview with feminist writer Eleanor Robertson. This podcast is host at The Word From Struggle Street

Get rid of work - Gilles Dauvé

A slightly modified chapter 3 of the book From Crisis to Communization, published in 2017 by Editions Entremonde.

Marx’s Textbook Ep.1: An Introduction to the Critique of Capitalism & of Economics

Latest podcast from Living The Dream from The Word From Struggle Street blog

Voorbij de agrarische revolutie - Peter Jonas


De hieronder vertaalde tekst gaat over de rol die de agrarische revolutie gespeeld heeft in marxistische bewegingen en hun onderliggende historisch-theoretische aannames over kapitalistische ontwikkeling. Daarnaast neemt het de actuele stand van die vraag op, na de wereldwijde ondergang van kleine onafhankelijke boeren en revolutionaire boerenbewegingen, en vraagt wat er over is van een communistisch agrarisch programma in de wereld van agro-industrie en gigasteden.

Critique of Sartre’s Philosophy in relation of Marxism: Can they coincide?

It is clear that from the theoretical frameworks of the two guiding philosophies, that we cannot reconcile these two ideologies together