League of Revolutionary Black Workers

DRUM: vanguard of the black revolution

A short history of the Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement, detailing their beginnings as well as their opposition to the United Auto Workers union.

The butcher shop: Hamtramck Hospital

Arial photo of Dodge Main.

Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement's attack on the racist practices of the hospital at the Hamtramck Chrysler factory.

From repression to revolution - speech by Kenneth V. Cockrel

Philadelphia Black Panthers stripped and handcuffed, 1970.

Kenneth V. Cockrel's speech at a repression conference in Detroit outlining some problems with the focus of radical black groups away from struggle and towards fighting repression.

The carrot and the stick: December 11, 1968

DRUM's attack on the spectacle of the Chrysler Corporation's "milestone agreement" to "pour $1,000,000 into colored-owned banks in three US cities".

1968-1971: The League of Revolutionary Black Workers - A. Muhammad Ahmad

A short history of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers - a radical union of black auto workers. The articles includes other information about the car industry, race and struggle from 1910 onwards.

The workers have to deal with their own reality and that transforms them

Based on his experience in auto factories, Glaberman discusses the contradictions of the union's role.

Black cats, white cats, wildcats: Auto workers in Detroit, 1969

Introductory article and account of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers and its activity in Detroit in the 1960s and 70s by Martin Glaberman.