Trabalho: uma introdução

Breve introdução sobre trabalho feita por, sobre o que nós pensamos que está errado com ele e sobre o que nós, como trabalhadores, podemos fazer sobre isso.

Classe: uma introdução

Uma explicação do que nós na queremos dizer com a palavra "classe", e termos relacionados como "classe operária" e "luta de classes".

Estado: uma introdução

Breve introdução ao que nós do entendemos quando nos referimos ao Estado e como pensamos que devemos nos relacionar com ele enquanto trabalhadores.

Libcom traffic analysis 2016

Cat using a smartphone

An overview of visits to over the past year.

2016 historical U.S. anarchism archiving project

List of materials that have been digitized as part of our effort to make U.S. anarchist periodicals and pamphlets from the 1930s-1950s freely available.

What's new to (July 2016)

A roundup of content that has been added to during July 2016. Thank you to all contributors!

What's new to (June 2016)

A roundup of content that has been added to during June 2016. Thank you to all contributors! starts online fundraiser for digitizing old radical publications

An announcement that we have started an online fundraiser for the purpose of tracking down, purchasing and digitizing older North American anarchist and Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) publications.

From Greenford with love: an interview with the Angry Workers of West London's warehouses catches up with the excellent Angry Workers of the World to discuss their ongoing agitation in the West London warehouses and surrounding communities.

New Years Eve prison noise protests in London

Noise protest outside HMP Brixton in South London in 2014

On New Years Eve there are protests outside prisons across the world, we spoke a member of London Anarchist Black Cross about what's happening in London.