South Wales miners strike xmas cards

Pithead image. "Support the miners right to a future"

Set of 4 Xmas cards produced by Rhymney Valley Miners Support Group in South Wales during the strike of 1984-85. Images on the outside and writing by miners on the inside. Black & white scans.

Neither nationalisation nor privatisation 1945-1950: An anarchist approach

This volume is one of a set which celebrates the Freedom Press Centenary by reprinting articles from anarchist journals published by the press between October 1886 and October 1986. Neither Nationalisation Nor Privatisation demonstrates the anarchist stand against the postwar Labour Policies of industrial politicking by articles from Freedom 1945 - 1950. The ironies of popular capitalism that are now proceeding should make this illumination of the onset of the state monopolies a sparkling read for today.

The Lancashire coalfield 1945-1972: NUM-Labour Party hegemony and industrial change

An article by Stephen Catterall on the colliery closures of the fifties and sixties in the Lancashire region and the relationship between the NUM and the Labour Party.

A climatic disorder? Class, coal and climate change - John Cunningham

At last November’s NUM convened conference, trade unionists and Climate Campers were invited to debate the explosive cocktail of (clean) coal, class and climate change. John Cunningham reports on the frustrating attempts to find a middle ground.

A year of our lives - 20 years since the great coal strike of 1984-1985

Dave Douglass looks back on the great miners strike, twenty years on. Recalling information about the strike, the reasons behind it, the Tories' and Labour's attacks on the working class and finally how the strike was lost.

Notes on the miners strike, 1984-1985

Miners' strike, 1984-85.

Notes on the strike of UK mine workers against closures and to save their union, the NUM. The article contains interesting information about the strike, its background, the aftermath and its importance to all workers in Britain.

Come and wet this truncheon - Dave Douglass

Classic pamphlet by miner and anarcho-syndicalist Dave Douglass on political policing during the British Miners’ Strike of 1984/5 - when the state acted like an occupying army in working class areas. First published in 1986.

Review: All Power to the Imagination

Outside and against the unions - Wildcat

Focusing on the example of the NUM in the UK miners strike of 1984-5, Wildcat argue that far from helping workers, unions actually act as a barrier to workers' struggles.