period of transition

World revolution or “building socialism”? Critical remarks on Kontra Klasa’s ‘Notes on the transition to communism’

A critique of Croat communist group Kontra Klasa's article 'Notes on the transition to communism' from a left-communist standpoint. Originally published in Intransigence, March 26, 2019.

A reply by F.C. to “The economy in the transition  to a ‘communist’ society” by R.V.

Translation of a reply to Raoul Victor's text against the GIC and Labour Time Vouchers in the Period of Transition.

Are we now in a period of transition from capitalism to socialism? H. Ticktin’s concept of decline and transition

Capitalism must be overthrown before a transitional period can be initiated. There must be a total rupture with value production. In order for this to happen the working class must capture political power and set about consciously transforming social production relations. Ticktin’s conceptions seem like those other aficionados of a seamless transition to communism, who have long lost hope in the working class being the agent of revolution.