The Forerunners of Anarchism - Emile Armand

A translation of the French Individual Anarchist Emile Armand's Les précurseurs de l’anarchisme, a philosophical history of Anarchist thought from Antiquity to the Industrial Revolution.

La Antaŭvenantoj de Anarkiismo de E. Armand

Mallonga broŝuro de Emile Armand pri la antaŭuloj de Anarkiismo

Recensie: Ernst Bloch’s Das Prinzip Hoffnung - Loren Goldner

Three volumes of Bloch’s Das Prinzip Hoffnung

Een recensie van Ernst Bloch's Das Prinzip Hoffnung (1959) die ingaat op de actualiteit van Bloch's denken over de relatie natuur/mens/techniek en de politisering van technologie en natuurwetenschap.

Some Thoughts on Peterson, Zizek and debate as a concept

Some thoughts on the role and function of formal debate.

Anarchy #045: Ancient Greece

Issue of Anarchy magazine published in November 1964, this issue is about Anarchism and Ancient Greece.

Marxism and materialism - David-Hillel Ruben

Marxism and materialism - David-Hillel Ruben

A Study in Marxist Theory of Knowledge. 1979 (2nd edition)

Rick Turner: A Biographical Introduction

Rick Turner

Rick Turner was a South African philosopher and trade unionist who was assassinated in Durban in 1978. He had a significant influence on a generation of activists introducing ideas around participatory democracy and charting a democratic course independent of both the Stalinist and Trotskyist left at the time.