Pink Panther/AWSM

An Epidemic of Stupidity & Authoritarianism

A combination of conspiracy theories, stupidity, and authoritarianism are hampering attempts to deal with the coronavirus.

NZ Election: Money, Power and Kiwi Non-Exceptionalism

In an election year, leading NZ politicians are embroiled in donation scandals.


A critique of recent proposals to deal with gangs in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

tiny housing...BIG PROBLEM

As rents become unaffordable and property ownership becomes a luxury, tiny houses are being advocated as a way of addressing the housing crisis both here in Aotearoa and elsewhere.

10 Step Guide to Detecting Conspiracy Theories & Bullshit

This article suggests tools for debunking conspiracy theories. It argues such ideas are a dangerous blockage on the path to a clearer understanding of the political, social and economic problems we face. Such an understanding is the first step on the road to liberation.

Migration: Europe & Aotearoa/New Zealand

This article highlights both differences and commonalities in the phenomenon of recent migration to Europe and Aotearoa/New Zealand.