The Hollywood strike that wasn’t

MK Lees offers context to the recent IATSE strike vote and potential settlement. This article was first published by Organizing Work.

To a Free Press and Free Minds: An Anarchist Position on the Nullification of the ABS-CBN Franchise

A statement from the Bandilang Itim collective on the expiration of the ABS-CBN franchise.

An introduction to my blog, and notes on an anarchist approach to industrial art

Still from the Spanish-made anarchist film, Nuestro culpable

A short post detailing the ethos behind my blog, and an example of me attempting to apply this ethos to a practical problem: that of collective creative art.

A Victim of Power (Corp) and Police: The La Presse Conflict and the Tear Gas Suffocation of Michele Gauthier

A report on the 1971 conflict at La Presse and the police killing of socialist feminist Michele Gauthier. The broader struggle against Power Corp., the impact of the police killing, and the development of the Common Front and subsequent general strikes.

Room to Move About

DAVID MARKHAM is an actor who, tired at being type-cast, became a farmer, though he can still be seen fairly frequently on television and heard in radio plays. He is a member of the Committee of 100.

The Hollywood blacklist - Dan Georgakas

Brought in front of HUAC: Lucille Ball, star of I Love Lucy

A short account of the blacklisting of dozens of writers and actors from the movie industry in Hollywood amidst the anti-communist hysteria of the late 1940s and 1950s.

The obsolescence of man, vol I , part 2: The world as phantom and as matrix: philosophical considerations on radio and television - Günther Anders

The first complete English translation of a remarkable 1956 essay about television from Vol. I of The Obsolescence of Man by Günther Anders, who—using phenomenological analyses, excerpts from his diaries and reflections on daily life—depicts a capitalist world that manufactures a warped “mass-man” by imposing nonparticipation, consumption of images, artificial “needs” (“drug addiction is the model for today’s needs”), separation, “conditioning”, an eternal present, commodified leisure and the dissolution of the individual in vapid mass produced roles, in a text that in many ways anticipates the theory of the “spectacle” of Guy Debord and the situationists.

Top of the Lake, by Jane Campion, BBC2

This bewitching imaginary of symbolic expression and obscene realism has far more depth than your average TV police drama.

Police evict journalists from TV studio following a 5 month occupation

Greek riot police have forcibly evicted dozens of journalists from the former state TV headquarters (ERT), bringing to an end a five month occupation that started after the TV station had been taken off air, and the journalists sacked. The closure had been part of a programme of public sector job cuts to meet their austerity targets. Many of the workers had stayed behind and kept the station running with an illegal news feed via the internet.

An open letter to Graham Stanier (Director of Aftercare for the Jeremy Kyle Show)

An open letter to Graham Stanier - the Director of Aftercare on the Jeremy Kyle Show, asking how he reconciles who and what he claims to be with the disgusting anti-working class bear baiting that he participates in and profits from?