Against Pacifism

Of the many utopian positions widespread in the left today, some of the most persistent – and misguided – are various manifestations of pacifism. At its core, this type of thinking can be reduced to a single fundamental assumption: that the atrocities of imperialist war can be overcome and allayed without the disappearance of class society.

Marx's Critique of Utopian Socialists

New Harmony by F. Bate 1838 Robert Owen's utopian community

Marx's Critique of Utopian Socialists
Roger Paden
Journal of Utopian Studies

Eulogy for Louise Julien - Joseph Déjacque

A eulogy for the radical poet Louise Julien, given by Joseph Déjacque.

The attractive machinery. The theory of passionate attraction (excerpts) - Charles Fourier

Excerpts from various works by Charles Fourier (1772-1837) which set out his main ideas: the combined order of the passionate series, the 12 passions, gluttony, attractive labor, education, criticism of free will and civilization. Despite several mistakes, such as the maintenance of the wage system (and hence class society, commodity and state), and the illusion about the possibility of an alternative economy parallel to capitalism, and also a certain teleological naturalist fantasy, the fundamental ideas of Charles Fourier remain extremely insightful and impressive.

Der Sozialismus in Frankreich im siebzehnten und achtzehnten Jahrhundert - Hugo Lindemann

Socialism in 17th and 18th century France, pp. 750–862 in Die Vorläufer des neueren Sozialismus (ed. Kautsky, 1895) vol. 1, part 2. (+ a review by Bax)

The Theory of the Four Movements - Charles Fourier

A weird and wonderful proto-socialist, proto-surrealist, anti-civ utopian vision for the world.