Aufheben - Greatest Hits

Online book collecting together the best of Aufheben magazine.

Originally conceived as a physical book published jointly by Aufheben and libcom, Aufheben 'Greatest Hits' represents some of the best articles published thus far in the magazine over its (at time of writing) nearly 20 year run. The articles have been collected into three thematic areas - Autonomia, Inside Movements and Decadence, and come with introductions which place the articles within the context of the time they were written. Some of the introductions are fairly critical, representing how the views of the Aufheben collective have developed over time.

While this collection is far from the 'final word' on Aufheben, we feel it presents an easier "jumping in" point for readers new to the magazine, than the potentially intimidating number and range of articles found in the original issues.

Autonomia - Critical articles on the Autonomist tradition, including critiques of Harry Cleaver and Antonio Negri.
Inside Movements - A series of articles theorising the struggles which Aufheben collective members had been closely involved in, including the struggle against the Criminal Justice Bill and the anti-roads movement.
Decadence - A three part article tackling the problems inherent in the Marxist concept of 'decadence of capitalism'.


Jun 13 2010 15:07

I thought that the series on the degeneration of the Russian revolution was one of the best things that Aufheben had published.


Jun 13 2010 16:26

So is the plan to do these collections as print-on-demand books not going ahead?

Jun 14 2010 06:24

I dont like the title 'greatest hits'.

Jun 27 2010 23:00


'So is the plan to do these collections as print-on-demand books not going ahead?

Somehow I doubt it!

klas batalo
Sep 19 2011 22:58

Should this be added to this Greatest Hits?