Ben Goldacre on the "evidence" supporting NHS reforms

Ben Goldacre on the "evidence" supporting NHS reforms

As the endgame approaches for the governments NHS "reforms", which will in effect privatise the service, Ben Goldacre has a useful survey of the "evidence" supporting reforms. Basically, there isn't any.

I won't recapitulate everything here, but Goldacre shows that Health Secretary Andrew Lansey has been consistently and systematically dishonest when arguing for the "reforms".

The timing is important, as health organisations and unions have hardened their opposition to the bill recently, and a number of campaign groups are stepping up their organising against the changes. The bill is due to return to the Lords after a mauling. Labour are duly trying to take control of the struggle, while still supporting private sector-oriented "reform" themselves. Seven hospitals have just received bailouts after the PFI schemes rolled out by labour threatened to bankrupt them.

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Aufheben did a great history of NHS reforms up to the present, unfortunately it can't go online until October, but people can still buy it at