Best music of 2008

A selection of some of my favourite music from 2008, and where to find it if you are so inclined.

Some of the best stuff thats been released this year. And no, theres none of that shit that gets produced by politicos who form punk, folk, or, (god forbid) reggae bands to 'spread the message'. Links are to external sites, nothing is hosted here.

Parts and Labour - Receivers

Anthemic post-punk with really nice subtle noisiness and soundscaping.

Luomo - Convival

Minimal house from Finland, with slightly sleazy vocals from various guest singers, including Jake Shears. Couldn't find this on the internets, sorry.

The Bug - London Zoo

Filthy 'Yardcore' dancehall/dubstep/grime. Massive bass pressure involved, obviously. MC spots from various UK dancehall talent - Tippa Irae, Ricky Ranking, Warrior Queen etc.

Autechre - Quaristice

Good album from the Rochdale electronica overlords, with a sound thats much closer to their live shows, which can be gut-quaking with a proper setup. Some really nice short ambient tracks too.

Dusk + Blackdown - Margins Music

Cool music coming out of the post-dubstep scene, mixing the standard syncopated beats with the 'world music' (urgh) sounds of the far east and Indian subcontinent. Wicked MC spots from Durrty Goodz and Trim.

Woven Hand - 10 Stones

If you can live with the (mostly impenetrable) 'spiritual' lyrics, this is pretty awesome album of epic rock songs.

Flying Lotus - Los Angeles

(Mostly) instrumental hiphop from Californian Steven Ellison, part-time composer for Cartoon Network and relative of the late Alice Coltrane.

Fuck Buttons - Street Horrrsing

Dancable noise (I know - wtf) by two guys from Bristol who look like emo kids.

Edit - forgot these:

Portishead - Third

Disrupt - Foundation Bit

German based dub/electronica producer's debut full-length.

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Dec 14 2008 16:12


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Dec 16 2008 20:10

Cheers, will check some of those out, a few I haven't heard of.

I might do some blog like this as well...

Dec 19 2008 21:08

The Disrupt album is worth getting hold of just for the track which is built around samples from this scene

Dec 19 2008 23:21
Steven. wrote:
I might do some blog like this as well...

Please do. I'm sure I've missed loads of good stuff.

nice one, though it should have been written as 'Convivial' in the original post. It might be easier to find on limewire/soulseek etc minus the typo.

Dec 22 2008 13:52
Django wrote:
The Disrupt album is worth getting hold of just for the track which is built around samples from this scene

I love that track!

Really want to see that film now, thanks for the tips smile

Bob Savage
Dec 22 2008 14:07

Roots Manuva's 'Slime and Reason' is siiiick.

P Brothers' 'The Gas' was good but they shoulda stuck with Nottingham emcees (such as cappo and scorzayzee) rather than Bronx ones who were just pretty average.

can't think what else came out this year. Not heard the new Q-Tip yet. or Million Dan. got a bit of catching up to do.