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What we will purchase with your donations

We have finally sorted out our PayPal account, so if you have been thinking about giving us a donation, now it's easy!

Our Donate page has finally been updated with working PayPal details:

Due to this technical problem which has taken us a ridiculous amount of time to get round to fixing, last year we only received two one-off donations of £10 - meanwhile as our popularity grows our hosting costs continue to rise.

Additional expense was also incurred by investing in a dedicated server, which has increased the speed of the site and improved its reliability, but has meant that we are now making a net loss.

So if you support our work and would like to help us continue, please consider giving us a small one-off donation, or even a small regular contribution to support us more long-term. Visit our donate page here:

Any additional funds we may receive we could use to advertise the project more widely.

If you haven't got any money but would still like to help out in some way we have a list of things you could do here:

Many thanks to all our users for any support.

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Jan 22 2010 00:25


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Oct 25 2012 22:21

£100. Fix your shitty website ffs!! wink