First forum: Elections and revolutionary politics

First forum: Elections and revolutionary politics

The first meeting of the Manchester Class Struggle Forum takes place on Wednesday the 24th of February.

The meeting will take place at the Friends Meeting House in Manchester City Centre, from 7-9 p.m.

We will be discussing the approach of revolutionaries to elections, and the role of the labour party. With all the political parties fully geared up for the upcoming elections this year, the left has once again begun putting forward its perspectives. For the large part, this means 'critically' voting labour. See for example the Socialist Workers Party moving from the organising a "rage against new labour" demonstration outside the labour party conference in 2009, only to call for a vote for the same party months later in 2010. But if the labour party has nothing to offer us, do we need a new workers party to take its place? How should pro-revolutionaries approach elections?

We recommend the following texts as background for the meeting:

Labouring in Vain - Subversion

Lenin - Left-Wing Communism, An Infantile Disorder: Chapter 7 - Should We Participate In Bourgeois Elections?

Open Letter to Comrade Lenin - Herman Gorter (Chapter 3 - Parliamentarism)

The Friends Meeting House is on, 6 Mount Street, Manchester, just off Albert Square.

There will be an open literature table at the meeting.

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