Help upgrade

 Help upgrade

Though we realise people’s minds may be elsewhere right now, we’re asking our supporters to help us raise the funds we need for a major site upgrade so that we can help promote radical working class politics.

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Since 2005 has been one of the world’s leading online resources for working class struggle. We have documented and advocated workers’ self organisation, digitised hard to find anarchist and communist literature and played our part in the struggle for a better world.

The site contains news and analysis of workers' struggles and a constantly growing archive of over 20,000 articles contributed by our 10,000+ users ranging from history and biographies to introductory guides, theoretical texts, complete books and pamphlets. We have incorporated several other archives over the years, and in addition have hundreds of exclusive texts written or scanned by or for us. We also helped organise the translations of many of these texts into multiple languages for the first time, including Spanish, Chinese, Indonesian, Bengali and many others.

We are trying to upgrade so it has a fully responsive design which means our content can be easily viewed on all kinds of devices, from mobile phones to games consoles, by the millions of people who visit us every year. We’re also trying to use the latest technology so we can do a lot more with the site and our content.

We’ve been working hard on migrating to a new content management system and building a new theme but need your help to get it finished. With your support we hope to finish the upgrade this summer so we can continue escalating class warfare online (and off!).

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Mar 23 2020 11:59



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Mar 23 2020 15:56

Nice one. I have donated, but less than I would like due to general uncertainty and the feeling that I might need to be bailing out friends and neighbours soon.

Mar 23 2020 21:04

I'll donate for the return of the search bar and its further enhancement.

Mar 28 2020 17:38

My suggestion would be: mobile interface, bring back the search function, disable all social media widgets, remove all Google services from libcom, and reposition the body of the text to be at the centre of the screen, rather than skewed to the left.

Sep 12 2020 12:30

Seems like the goal for this has been reached

Sep 15 2020 13:20

That is certainly a great achievement. I am curious about what happens next.

Sep 15 2020 16:03

Same, and I don't guess the goal being reached means they're quite finished yet (no pressure). Kind of interesting looking at old libcom: libertarian community and organising resource for Britain

Sep 15 2020 22:47

Thanks everyone so much for your generous support!
We have now closed the crowdfunder as we have reached our goal.
We are continuing to work on this upgrade behind the scenes and will get it done as soon as humanly possible.
Thanks for bearing with us!

Sep 19 2020 16:15

Just a thought I had, it would be handy when submitting stuff if the site checks all the content titles and reports back if it finds something similar to what's being submitted, to help prevent submitting duplicate content.