Italian fascist offices firebombed

Italian fascist offices firebombed

The offices of Robert Fiore’s fascist, ‘Forza Nuova’ party have been firebombed by persons unknown. The fascists have stated that extensive documents, membership information, flags, banners, and a large amount of literature has been destroyed.

The offices in Bonifati are the regional headquarters in Cosenza. The fire was started during Saturday night and quickly engulfed the ground floor before it could be extinguished. Soon after, the upper floors collapsed due to extensive fire damage.

Forza Nuova, whose activists intimidate and attack political opponents, homosexuals, and immigrants, have hilariously labelled the attack as

“A very serious act of intimidation,”

Oh, the irony...


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Jan 11 2013 19:47
Oh, the irony...

laugh out loud

Jan 12 2013 23:02

That's what I'm talking about!

Rob Ray
Jan 13 2013 20:27

You sir, are hilarious.

Noah Fence
Jan 13 2013 20:28

SSE - Steady on old boy, not good for the ticker getting all worked up like that. Take up yoga or something. That's the ticket!

Noah Fence
Jan 13 2013 20:38

Well, I'm still worried about you. Have some warm milk and a little lay down. There's a good boy.

Noah Fence
Jan 13 2013 20:56

admin: comment deleted as it was in response to Nazi nonsense which has been deleted and the poster banned

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Jan 13 2013 21:22

Just taking the piss out of a knobhead - no offence intended.

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Jan 18 2013 21:46

Do pass on my deepest and sincerest sympathies grin