Demonstration against deportations.

There was a demonstration of over 1000 poeple last night after a Headmistress of a Parisian school was arrested. Valérie Boukobza-Rodriguez was arrested while trying to prevent the arrest of an illegal immigrant, the man in question was trying to collect his granddaughter from school. The police had set up checkpoints around the school and were checking the papers of all those coming to collect children. The police used tear gas and truncheons on the small crowd. This is another example of police targetting parisian schools, previously they have taken children from schools. This has led to solidarity groups being set up in many schools by students teachers and parents.

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jef costello
Mar 27 2007 11:32


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Mar 29 2007 11:30

damn that's messed up.

Ed said when he was in France during the CPE he stayed with some parents, and their school the teachers went on strike against a pupil getting deported. While he was there the school was shut down by an alliance of staff, pupils and parents.

David in Atlanta
Apr 4 2007 00:58

What else do we know about Valérie? She has interesting ideas about the administraton of public education or so it would appear from her actions

jef costello
Apr 16 2007 17:08

Nothing else I'm afraid, I missed the demo (delayed at work unfortunately)
I've not noticed any follow-up, I will look now you've reminded me.