Pro-Sarkozy Police union loses its place at the negotiating table.

The Alliance Union, which has strongly supported Sarkozy was beaten in the vote by Unsa Police, which leans towards the Socialist party. Unsa Police will now have the official union place on the conseil d'administration.
It is a reverse for Sarkozy, the self-styled premier flic de France. Sarkozy claimed, correctly, that the vote for the union he is closer to rose, however they still lost control of the seat, while practically this may be little more than an irritation for Sarkozy, it is a psychological defeat. It may also signify that he is losing the support of the police, which would damage his position.
The defeat has little to do with politics, it is mainly due to Sarkozy's police reforms which have lowered the number of police, leading to an increased workload for others.

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jef costello
Nov 26 2006 18:06


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