The Anarchist Geographer: An Introduction to the Life of Peter Kropotkin

The Anarchist Geographer: An Introduction to the Life of Peter Kropotkin

The Anarchist Geographer: An Introduction to the
Life of Peter Kropotkin

by Brian Morris

Price: £8.00

* Paperback
* Publisher: The Genge Press (June 2007)
* Language English
* ISBN-10: 0954904338

(Update: book has now been published and I have sent a review to Freedom who hope to publish it in the near future.)

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May 30 2007 16:03


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May 30 2007 16:28

this looks like it may be v interesting.

to anyone awaiting this book with bated breath with an interest in geography, check out 'Anarchy, Geography, Modernity: the radical social thought of Elisee Reclus' by John Clark. Reclus was much less well-known in anglophone anarchist circles (most of his works aren't in english yet), but his contribution to geography was very important indeed.

May 31 2007 07:52

Reclus is not totally unknown, there are 2 biographies in English, and Jura Media in Australia reproduced some of his essays and pamphlets. (Make that 3 in English if you include the Clark)

And someone going by the name of CGH Services did the same here nearly 20 years ago - with small run of pamphlets of his essays on anarchism, vegetarianism and the great kinship from the journal "19th century."

Thanks for the information on John Clark book - I've not seen it - and at the price copies go for on Abebooks, I'm unlikely too as well.

Sort of book I wish AK Press would do!


May 31 2007 14:54

Reclus titles on eBay

Just had a look and there are 2 titles by Elise Reclus available in UK at very reasonable prices (for antiquarian books) - indeed the p&p is more than the books.

Once I've done my sums I might bid for a couple myself!

Jun 5 2007 20:44

have a copy of The Anarchist Way to Socialism, Marie Fleming's biogaphy of Reclus if any one wants to borrow it.

Jun 17 2010 21:19

Morris is going to talk about his book at the Cowley Club in Brighton on July 14

Genge press
Mar 19 2012 17:07

The Anarchist Geographer ─ an Introduction to the Life of Peter Kropotkin, by Brian Morris (Genge Press, UK, 2007)
120 + vi pages, with introduction, chronology, bibliography and index.

This book is now available in North America as a paperback from Unlimited Publishing ( price $14.99 USD.

This book is now also available for Kindle/Kindle-for-Ipad or Iphone/ Mac/PC or smartphones in the UK and Europe, at £6.56. Go to For orders outside Europe, go to to buy one for $10 USD approx.
SL, Publisher